Where we provide Mystery Shopping

FOOD. In restaurants, bistro’s, coffee houses/ internet cafes and fast food restaurants mystery shopping is a known tool to measure quality of food as well as staff performance.

SHOPPING In stores the importance of service is becoming more and more important. Here in example knowledge of staff regarding their products will convince customers to buy.

ACCOMMODATION Comfort and feeling at home is important for people who travel for their business. But also during your holiday you expect a level of service to make you feel at home.

TRANSPORTATION During your trip from A to B you expect to be treated correct whether your means of transport is taxi, bus, metro, train, plane or ferry. Clean and the right service.

ENTERTAINMENT Also in your leisure time your expect correct information, clean environment, good service, quality performance and equipment.

HEALTH & BEAUTY Especially in this area customers will appreciate a clean environment, use of quality products used by professional staff. You like to feel like a queen or king.

AUTOMOTIVE Whether it is buying a car or getting the right service for it, here making the right choice is very important as you expect it to last for several years

PARKING When arriving at your destination you want to park your car in a safe place. Here the space provided need to meet your needs. Spots offered you may expect to be clean.

MEDICAL Not a common area, but an area where you don’t want to be, you should expect also here a perfect treatment.