About us

Since 2004 we are active in the area of supporting organizations who need to investigate their service and performance. In 2012 Sixth Sense and BEE-Easy merged their organizations to come to a better base of clients and more extensive network of shoppers. At the same time this helped in decreasing cost.

The company operates from their Prague office and has clients in Czech Republic and Slovakia. We are also looking at other countries for our international clients and building our network of shoppers also abroad.

With our small but enthusiastic team we concentrate on the markets on hand. At the same time, through our international shopper base, we have the capability to serve clients and shoppers in Czech, Slovak, English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch language.

Our operation for clients and shoppers is supported by state of the art software. Shoppers can enter their surveys through the internet using a computer, notebook, tablet or even phone. Clients can access the results of investigations done and make selections and build reports to support management.